Are Culinary Events the Latest Status Symbol?

Travel and Leisure Industry Market Research Reports, Analysis and Trends

Blurred Travel has emerged as a result of the widespread implementation of work-from-home and flexible working policies that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. Terms such as “workation” and “digital nomadism” are specific use cases. Beyond these terms, there is a broader trend in the works, one that will better encapsulate this new era of travel in the decades to come.

  • Travel companies are often niche, enabling you to invest in a variety of travel and tourism stocks that cater to your particular interests and investment priorities.
  • Leverage business applications that use the latest technology advancements – including the SAP HANA platform, cloud, mobile, and more.
  • The vast time period covered by the database provides an advantage for the researcher.
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  • If you want to
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